Science at the Museum: Wild California - Webinar Oct 10 - December 12

The Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum will host a California environmental webinar series titled “Science at the Museum: Wild California” this fall starting Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 11am-12pm. The mission of this webinar series is to encourage attendees to think a bit more deeply about the state of our planet and what we, as individuals and as a community, can do about it. The series is aimed at providing environmental education and awareness to the community.

The webinar series will be conducted by Instructor Lauren Chroman a field biologist specializing in animal behavior and native California botany. She is an adjunct professor at Santa Ana College and an instructor for the California Naturalist program through the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR). She holds a Master’s of Science from California State University Fullerton. Her fields of study and research include conservation biology, mammology, ornithology, and ecology. She teaches a wide variety of courses, from introductory biology to animal biodiversity to human anatomy and physiology.

This is webinar is free and open to the public. Webinars like this are a fun way to bring our community together and to inspire us to be more mindful of the well-being of this planet that we
all call home.

To register for the environmental webinar series please click on the link below:
Sign Up , or visit us at our Facebook page at Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum.
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