Rooted in History!

The Dominguez Rancho Adobe's Bicentennial Celebration!

We are so excited to share this momentous celebration with you all! Our historic adobe home, built in 1826 by Manuel Dominguez, will be turning 200 years-old in 2026. This home has survived war battles, earthquakes, hurricanes, and more. It is the base site for much of South Bay history. 

We plan to host a string of Bicentennial Events and launch a brand new Membership Program! This historic anniversary should be celebrated with the community, and that is our goal. We hope you will join us and check this page to stay up to date on all things Bicentennial Celebration.

From 1826

Manuel Dominguez built this adobe home in 1826 at the age of 22 on his great uncle’s land of Rancho San Pedro.


The adobe home is known as Historical Landmark No. 152.

Through It All

This adobe home saw the Los Angeles world build up around it from railroads to airshows!

What's Coming Up!
Membership Program
We are offering Membership programs with so many amazing benefits at our museum! Check them all out on our Membership Page!
Earth Days at the Rancho Dominguez
Adobe Days Event
June 22, 2024 The museum is hosting Adobe Days where 7 other adobe museums will all meet at Dominguez Rancho to share their history with the public! Don't miss it.
Transportation Timeline
April of 2025, Dominguez Rancho is hosting this event to take visitors through a timeline of transportation history from horse drawn buggies to the first airplanes!
Sister's Celebration
This event highlights the six Dominguez Daughters who lived in the home and added to the historic building. This smaller event is to reveal a special moment honoring all sisters!
The 200th Celebration
We will host a large event in honor of the Bicentennial Celebration. All are welcome in attending this wonderful remembrance of history.

No Other Updates at this Time.

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