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Internship Opportunities

Intern Program

The Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum offers several internship opportunities:

  • Unpaid experience internships
  • The class credit internships
  • Service learning hours for colleges that have Service Learning requirements and programs

Preference is given to sophomores, juniors, and seniors within one semester of graduation, and graduate students for all internships. For eligibility requirements and an intern application, please call the museum at (310) 603-0088.

Programs include:

Arts and Education Program

This program provides students first-hand professional experiences working in a museum creating public programming, educational materials for children, and creating art projects for youth. Interns will have the opportunity to mix and match different aspects of the arts and education program so the internship fits their needs. Different internships will focus on writing school tours for 3rd and 4th graders that incorporate the respective curriculums, assisting with research for the Air Meet centennial programming, or creating educational development plans for each of the Adobe rooms. Interns will develop and execute curriculum and educational materials as well as help plan, implement, and evaluate youth educational programs.

In addition to youth programs and activities, the museum sponsors a variety of special community programs, lectures, films, concerts, workshops, classes, and exhibits for people of all ages. For these programs and events, interns will be asked to help plan and implement specific activities, particularly with respect to content and curriculum development, and analysis and evaluation.

Media and Communication Program

This program provides students first-hand experience in the field of communications, including advertising, public relations, photography, graphic design, and electronic media. Interns will have the opportunity to mix and match different aspects of the media and communication program, so the internship fits their needs. Interns will create marketing and advertising campaigns for the museum and its program to assist with spreading community awareness working with newspapers, magazines, and radio stations to enhance the museum’s public relations efforts. Graphic design and web design and management are two areas in which the interns will work creating and designing the printed collateral for the museum. Interns will also work on the museum’s website since it is a vital avenue of communication for the museum.

Curatorial and Conservation Program

This program provides students first-hand experience in research, exhibit management, and conservation. Interns work with the museum staff in a variety of ways including research, exhibit creation, archiving, and conservation. Interns will have the opportunity to mix and match different aspects of the curatorial/conservation program so the internship fits their needs. Interns will conduct research about early California history, the Rancho period, missions and adobes, objects in the museum, and the plants on the Rancho. Interns will also assist with organizing and systematizing collections records & archives, inventorying collections, upgrading and updating archival system, and recording and photographing artifacts and records.

Curatorial interns will assist the museum staff in the creation, management, and display of exhibits in the museum, as well as with traveling exhibits. Interns working on traveling exhibits will be involved in the management of the exhibits and work with other museums that are involved in the traveling exhibits.

Conservation interns assist with the care of the actual objects in the Adobe as well as researching the latest conservation techniques for paper, paintings, artifacts, and plant material.
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