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Dominguez Rancho Adobe Museum

Dominguez Rancho Word Match

Test your knowledge and play our Dominguez Rancho Word Match!

tile 1
tile 2
tile 3
tile 4
tile 5
tile 6
tile 7
tile 8
tile 9
tile 10

tile 11
tile 12
tile 13
tile 14
tile 15
tile 16
tile 17
tile 18
tile 19
tile 20

How to Play the Game

Drag a brown image from the bottom of the question tile and drop (let go of the mouse) over a question mark tile to the right of each question. If the answer is correct, you should see the green background of each answer. If the answer is not correct, the red background will be displayed around that answer. Simply drag the wrong answer back to bottom for the next use or keep dragging it until you match the right question for it. Have fun!
Note: This game is a desktop game and it is compatible with modern browsers but not with smart devices.

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