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The Dominguez Water Company was organized in 1911 as a mutual company, was purchased by the Dominguez Estate Company in 1937 and succeeded by Dominguez Water Corporation. Its purpose was to provide a dependable water supply for the lands of the Rancho San Pedro, which had become a vital necessity with the expansion of agricultural operations. At that time, almost 20,000 acres still remained in possession of the several Dominguez heirs, extending westward from the Los Angeles River to Redondo Beach. The first supply of water was obtained from a flowing artesian well near the river southeast of Dominguez Hill, which was pumped to a newly- constructed reservoir on the present site of the main plant at the corner of Alameda and Carson streets. The beginning stages of the project were supervised by William Mulholland, chief engineer for the City of Los Angeles for many years, and builder of the Owens River Aqueduct. By 1916, 5 other wells were in operation, along with over 100 miles of pipelines. The first pumps were powers by two huge steam engines, with flywheels 11feet in diameter. Steam was used for over 20 years until replaced by electricity, but some of the oldest wells have continued to supply a steady flow of water. This is due to the fact that they are located over one of the largest underground water basins in LA County.

The earlier development of Dominguez Water Company was closely linked with the City of Torrance, which also was founded in the year 1911. Within that same year, to meet the needs of the new community a 33 inch pipeline was installed from the main plant westward, a distance of almost 8 miles. This was followed by more than 6 miles of 20 inch main feed lines and a second reservoir built north of the townsite. Industrial and residential service was furnished to the entire City of Torrance until 1936, when part of the facilities was taken over by the municipal water department. In 1959, approximately one third of more than 17,000 outlets in the entire Dominguez system still were located within the City of Torrance, principally in outlying tracts which have been annexed to the community.

In the operations through almost 50 years, the Dominguez companies have drilled 27 wells. Of these, sixteen are still producing, 3 of them continuously since 1916.


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